Our Core Offerings

Enjoy our premium core offerings listed below. First Love Brewing offers 20 rotating taps of in-house brewed beer daily. 

 A Beacon of Light

ABV:  6.6%

Style:  Milk Stout

Tasting Notes: Our Milk Stout is brewed with dark, roasted malts and lactose milk sugar. The roasted malts give it notes of coffee and chocolate. The lactose is an unfermentable sugar, so it adds residual sweetness to the stout. Overall, the stout gives the impression of a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.

 Cardinal Truth

ABV:  6.7%

Style:  West Coast IPA

Tasting Notes: Our flagship IPA is brewed with North American base grains and American hop varieties. It has a firm bitterness and abundant hop aroma. It has notes of citrus, grapefruit, and pine. 


ABV:  7.8%

Style:  Belgian Tripel

Tasting Notes:  Lily is a light and delicate beer. Its golden color and drinkability defy its high alcohol content. It has notes of citrus zest, pear, and clove and a crisp, dry, finish.

  Pau Hana

ABV:  4.6%

Style: Munich Helles

Tasting Notes: Helles is German for light, and as the name indicates, Pau Hana is the lightest of our core offerings. It is a low alcohol, light, and refreshing lager. This delicious lager has a slightly sweet, cracker-like malt character.


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